About us

Outgrew started its inspiration when we have been blessed with our second child through IVF after countless cycles and fertility treatments. Our daughter, our most precious, must have the best there is and our passion for branded products was truly tested of which ones would work for us. Seeing that she outgrows it quickly, we thought of it as having a second or third life and decided that other babies could reuse, replay and repeat what we have and vice versa thus, Outgrew was created. Brands doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag as long as you are open minded like us to use hand-me-downs or preloved items for your kids. We would like to think that we are helping in making it affordable and available for everyone, also Mother Earth would be happy if we can do our part by recycling in our own little way. So browse our Collections now, follow our Stars for your shopping guide and join our Mailing List for promotions and new product listings. Happy Shopping!